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What are our commitments?

"Our commitments" are the pledges TAKEUCHI makes to our stakeholders and the acts performed to fulfill them.

We can illusrate the above concept by likening a commercial enterprise to a tree. The tree grows by drawing nutrients from Mother Nature's fertile soil - the company's source of sustenance is the world at large (society) -- and begins to reward Mother Nature and humankind with various benefits once it has matured enough to develop branches and leaves. The tree is an integral part of the cyclic natural environment; so must an enterprise become a part of the society from which it draws sustenance. It must function as an integral part of the dynamic economy. This is the manner in which we at TAKEUCHI have harmoniously interacted with the world (society) since the day of our company's founding. We are convinced that we can continue to grow and thrive in the years to come. In many ways, we are a promising Young Tree. Our Commitments are the manifestation of TAKEUCHI, the“Young Tree”, addressing those inside and outside its organization. They indicate the kind of company we endeavor to mature into and how that company will interact with the world (society). “Our commitments”comprise three core elements. These are our Corporate Policies, Business Philosophy and Action Guidelines.

Divisional and Individual Objectives Set by each division and each individual employee, they describe their respective objectives based on the Management Vision established by the company: what flowers they would like to make bloom and what fruit they would like to produce.
Management Vision In order to realize the corporate images as manifested by our Corporate Policies and Business Philosophy, the Management Vision is renewed at specific intervals to describe the path to be followed relative to prevailing business conditions.
Action Guidelines: Our“Branches” The Action Guidelines are likened to a tree's branches. As we develop our business activities, we need to approach and interact with diverse elements within the world. The Action Guidelines may be compared to a“Corporate Charter”that lays down criteria with which a company must comply in order to function as a fair and honest concern at all times.
Business Philosophy: Our“Trunk” The business philosophy is likened to the trunk that enables the tree (company) to soar skyward. In holds up the ideal business model that our business aspires to attain.
Corporate Policies: Our“Roots” “Corporate Policies”can be likened to the“roots”that stretch deep into the ground and firmly support the tree. These policies are also often referred to as“a company's DNA.”They collectively embody the underlying spirit that has been handed down since the company's founding.

Corporate Policies

The Corporate Policies are a statement of the company's underlying spirit that has been handed down since its days as a seedling.

The Corporate Policies are a statement of the company's underlying spirit that has been handed down since its days as a seedling. They are also referred to as“a company's DNA.” What does it mean to follow the“TAKEUCHI Way”? How should we conduct ourselves to sustain and maintain the“TAKEUCHI Way”? ... The answers to these questions can be found in three key concepts:“Creation,”“Challenge”and“Cooperation.” Each and every employee of TAKEUCHI is asked to proudly fulfill their respective responsibilities on a daily basis, taking these key words to heart and using them to inspire their activity.


We pledge to develop need responsive products; making the most of our awareness of, and relationship with, our customers.


We pledge to aim high and boldly take up challenges with imagination and youthful vigor.


We pledge to thrive in conjunction with society, cultivating a mindset based on harmony and thoughtfulness.
Corporate Policies

Business Philosophy

TAKEUCHI From World First to World Leader

Business Philosophy We will pursue the TAKEUCHI-way manufacturing activities while working together and sharing the spirit of Creation, Challenge and Cooperation.
With a global perspective and sensitivity, we will provide our customers with truly reliable products and services.
By exerting our individual abilities to the fullest, we will contribute to the creation of a society that is environment-friendly as well as comfortable and attractive.

Action Guidelines

Compliance with Corporate Ethics

We will develop our business activities in accordance with prevailing social ethics and common sense, complying with laws and regulations and their spirit.

Customer Needs

By sustained pursuit of research and application of exceptional creativity will we develop and provide need-responsive products and services, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Safety and Quality

We will reward the trust placed in us by customers by delivering safety-assured products of the highest quality while cherishing our tradition of highly sophisticated and skilled craftsmanship.


We will enhance management transparency by actively and impartially disclosing all corporate information required by society.

Respect for Humanity

Recognizing that our employees are our greatest assets; we will respect the diversity of personalities and of individuals within our organization. We will strive to grow and maximize the potential of our employee's talents. This will allow us to foster a workplace that is fulfilling, challenging and rewarding.

Creating Safe Working Environments

Based on the principle“Safety First,”we will strive to maintain and improve working environments so that they remain safe and healthful.


In line with the spirit of co-prosperity, we will build up sound and favorable relationships with society at large, elements of which include our customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities as well as our own employees.

Environmental Stewardship

So future generations may enjoy the irreplaceable Earth, we will strive to be good stewards of the natural environmentally by promoting R&D endeavors that are beneficial to nature.

Social Contributions

As a respectable corporate citizen, we will contribute to the local communities in which we have a presence, working in close collaboration with them.

Partners with the Global Community

We will contribute to the global community's well-being by respecting local cultures and customs and by complying with international regulations and laws.

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