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Needs-centered development

Committed to development and manufacture closely aligned with user needs

Takeuchi applies the needs of its users to product development, and while this is normal for all manufacturers, the difference is the speed and scope with which Takeuchi applies feedback to its products. This is because of a difference in philosophy that is only possible from a specialist manufacturer of small construction machinery. Takeuchi listens closely to feedback from work sites and reflects that feedback in its products. As long as our customers want better performance, we will continue to apply ourselves to research and development.

Why is the latest TAKEUCHI the best?

Takeuchi construction machines are in use in a wide range of environments around the world. Unlike automobiles, there are many ways that construction machinery can be used and at times, our machines are used in more demanding roles than even we imagined. Takeuchi is fully committed to coping with even those situations that arise from these unexpected scenarios. Everyone at Takeuchi understands our obligation as a manufacturer to conscientiously meet our users' demands. This leads to continual improvements even among the same models. Based on our philosophy of continually providing the best solutions for user needs, Takeuchi will continue to improve and will continue to evolve.

Operator friendly

Construction machines originally focused solely on performance levels required of industrial machinery, but Takeuchi's attitude towards development is to also value the specifications not represented there. We believe that relieving the strain of an operator working for hours in the same posture is one of the true requirements needed in construction machinery. We are working from many angles to enable operators to work comfortably and tirelessly in order to improve productivity. One example is the boom and arm that move linearly with operation lever movement. Fine-tuning of the hydraulic components is what enables us to realize an operational feeling appreciated by many. This great feeling operation cannot be expressed numerically but it does help minimize operator strain.

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