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Partnerships utilizing customer feedback

Global distributor network provides Service support for users

GLOBAL NETWORK Takeuchi has built an international distributor network. This strong network of distributors scattered around the globe works with four Takeuchi subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries to provide sales and after-sales service support. To export our construction machinery throughout the world, Takeuchi strives to develop products built for the conditions and convenience of distributors and users. Takeuchi-affiliated distributors are local companies with expert knowledge of their own country or region. They are professionals with full knowledge of the soil, climate, topography and the ways construction machinery is used in their area. These people tell Takeuchi exactly what our machinery users are thinking and in turn, we quickly put that feedback into action. An important characteristic of the system we have with our distributors is this highly adaptable support for things like specification changes and product development.

Real relationships with dealers and distributors Deliver user feedback

Real relationships with dealers and distributors Deliver user feedback "To incorporate the needs of users into our products, Takeuchi has developed a system of distributors and dealers who listen to their demands. This network ensures that user thoughts on our construction machinery reach our ears. Takeuchi holds distributor conferences several times a year and these conferences offer a venue for real dialogue between us, the developers, and the distributors who represent our users throughout the world. Our development engineers use the conferences to hear directly from our global distributors. Open and wide ranging exchange of ideas lead to honest and vital customer feedback. We believe our system of development, production and sales to be the absolute best system for enabling us to continually develop better construction machinery. We believe the reason Takeuchi products are so highly regarded at present is that we are able to reflect in our products the true opinions of users that this system delivers to us. As Takeuchi machines get used in more and more countries and regions, the customer feedback we receive grows every year as our population of machines continues to grow. Nevertheless we will continue with this system because we believe this to be our ""key for success"" in product development.
Takeuchi wants as much user feedback as possible."

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