Our Philosophy

Our Promise

This is Takeuchi's promise to the world.

If we think of a company as a "tree," it grows by receiving nourishment from the earth (society), eventually spreading out large, leafy branches and returning benefits to its surroundings. Just as trees are an important element in the natural environment, companies must be pillars of a healthy economic society. From the time of our founding to today, Takeuchi has existed in this way, cooperating with the world (society), and we plan to grow even more in the future. We are still a young "sapling," and Our Promise shows to people inside and outside the Company how we, as a young "tree," connect with and interact with the world (society), and the kind of company we are trying to be. Our Promise includes our Action Guidelines, Business Philosophy, and Corporate Policies.

Divisional and Individual Objectives
Based on the Company's vision, every department and employee specifically depicts the kind of "flowers" that will bloom and bear fruit.
Management Vision
To create the corporate image outlined in our Corporate Policies and Business Philosophy, our Management Vision is formulated to show the current outlook of business activities and to lay out the path for their fulfillment.
Action Guidelines - the branches of the Company
Our Action Guidelines are the "branches" that spread out. Through our business activities, we broadly reach out to the world, and we have established a Company Charter that lists the standards of conduct to follow at all times as a fair company.
Business Philosophy - the trunk of the Company
Our Business Philosophy is the thick "trunk" that allows the tree to rise high above the ground. It sets out the Company Idea, the goal that we want to reach.
Corporate Policies - the roots of the Company
Our Corporate Policies are the "roots" that extend firmly into the earth, solidly supporting the tree. They are also called the DNA of the Company, a statement expressing the spirit of the fundamentals that have been passed down within our Company.

Corporate Policies

Our Corporate Policies are the written expression of the spirit of the fundamentals that have been passed down within our Company.

A Corporate Policy is also referred to as the DNA of the company. What is distinctive about Takeuchi? What kind of action is most characteristic of Takeuchi? The answers are encapsulated by the three Cs: Creation, Challenge, and Cooperation. All employees should take these Corporate Policies to heart, draw on them as food for thought, allowing them to engage in their daily activities with pride.

With deep sensitivity, we will develop products that meet or exceed needs.
With dreams and youthful drive, we will take bold action toward higher goals.
With a commitment to harmony and compassion, we will strive for well-balanced coexistence with society.

Business Philosophy

From World First to World Leader, Takeuchi

  • We will pursue manufacturing excellence by working hard in the spirit of Creation, Challenge, and Cooperation.
  • With a global perspective and awareness, we will provide products and services that are trusted by our customers.
  • Leveraging the abilities of every employee, we will help to create an environmentally friendly, prosperous society.

Action Guidelines

Compliance with business ethics
We will comply with the letter and the spirit of the law, and conduct corporate activities in harmony with social ethics and good sense.
Customer needs
We will increase customer satisfaction by developing and providing products and services that meet their needs through continual research and original, creative ideas.
Safety and quality
We will respond to the trust of our customers, with our tradition of advanced technology and skills, as we ensure the highest quality—with safety as our top priority.
Information disclosure
We will increase management transparency by actively and fairly disclosing the corporate information that society justly requires.
Respect for the individual
Recognizing human resources as our greatest management resource, we will respect diverse lifestyles and personalities, actively develop and use talent, and strive to create vibrant and enjoyable workplaces, instilling the willingness to take on new challenges.
Creating a safe workplace
Based on the principle that "safety takes precedence over everything else," we will strive to maintain and improve a safe, healthy work environment.
Coexistence and shared prosperity
In the spirit of coexistence and shared prosperity, we will build sound, strong relationships across society, including with customers, business partners, shareholders, local communities, employees, and others.
Consideration for the environment
To pass on to the next generation our irreplaceable Earth, we will strive to preserve the environment, while we independently and actively research and develop technologies that are essential for conserving the environment.
Social contribution
We will work closely with local communities and proactively contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.
Harmonious coexistence with the international community
In addition to complying with international regulations and local laws, we will respect local cultures and customs, and contribute to their development.

Quality Policy

Bearing in mind our Company Motto “TAKEUCHI, From World First to World Leader”, we follow the below quality policy, in order to maintain the trust of our customers and to realize a sustainable society while carrying out our global operations

  1. Always see things from the customer's perspective and strive to make rapid improvements in order to provide high quality products.
  2. Lead the world in manufacturing that shows the utmost concern for the safety of customers and employees and environmental stewardship.
  3. With a strong emphasis on Compliance, we take on the challenge of managing risk and dealing with key issues in a proactive manner.

March 1, 2022
Toshiya Takeuchi
President and Representative Director
Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd.