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Quality Policy

We have established a quality policy to provide products and services that are trusted by our customers, and by working hard in the spirit of Creation, Challenge, and Cooperation under our slogan "From World First to World Leader Takeuchi."
Quality Policy

Our approach to quality assurance

  1. Customer satisfaction
    • We manufacture high-quality construction equipment that satisfies customers around the world.
    • We precisely grasp customer needs related to functions and quality in product use and address them quickly.
    • In the manufacturing process, we always think and act from the customer's perspective.
  2. Environment and safety
    • In the manufacturing process, we aim to reduce our impact on the global environment by considering energy conservation.
    • Safety is our first consideration, not only for our customers but also for our employees during the manufacturing process.
  3. Quality control and quality assurance
    • In addition to maintaining ISO 9001 certification, we actively improve the quality of our corporate activities related to development, receiving orders, procurement, manufacturing, and after-sales service.
    • We constantly improve our manufacturing processes and increase quality levels, while reducing costs and delivery schedules.
    • We collect and analyze information on quality when customers use our products, and then use that information to improve product development and the quality of our services.

Obtained ISO 9001 certification

To continually improve our manufacturing processes while reducing cost and raising the level of quality and delivery, we maintain ISO 9001 certification for the design, development, and manufacture of tracked and wheeled excavators and tracked loaders and dumpers.
* Within our product lineup, "excavators" refers to our compact and hydraulic excavators.

Prevention of PL accidents

Since we conduct the entire process from the development of construction machinery to design and manufacturing in-house, we are responsible for product liability (PL) at every stage. Working with the recognition that problems, such as malfunctions, can cost lives, we take the utmost care to create products that do not cause PL-related accidents.

Responsibility to our customers

With our customers: From product development to after-sales service

We gather feedback from our customers through all available means and work together as one, from product development to after-sales service support.

We form teams that visit business partners around the world to gather information directly from the field. Conversely, our business partners also regularly visit us to hold meetings over several days. In this way, we work together to innovate our products and support system, and have frank discussions, leading to better product development and after-sales support.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we communicated more closely by increasing the number of online discussions because we could not have in-person meetings. In addition, we created a framework that enables faster responses to challenges allowing our business partners and our company to communicate efficiently beyond company boundaries.

In addition to the feedback coming directly from our business partners, data on machine use and condition is relayed by the Takeuchi Fleet Management telematics systems installed in our products, another important form of feedback that shows us how our products are being used.

Distributor meetings

Distributor meetings

As part of our initiative to strengthen after-sales service, we established a European parts center in the Netherlands in March 2021. This center allows us to deliver maintenance parts to more end users in Europe, which is one of our main markets, in a shorter time, minimizing downtime.

We believe that it is our responsibility to our customers to take every request received through these various types of communication and address them sincerely, then engage with the request, solve it, and improve products together with our customers.

CSR Procurement Policy

We provide equipment that contributes to the creation of cities where everyone can live a rich, safe, and fulfilling life. We believe that by providing our products we contribute not only to the development of social infrastructure, but also to environmental conservation and the resolution of social issues in the energy field.

We fulfill our mission as a manufacturer by developing and producing equipment then providing these to our customers, at the same time as we carry out initiatives related to our corporate social responsibility (CSR). When fulfilling our social responsibilities—such as respect for human rights, consideration for health and safety, and compliance with laws and regulations—we are determined to help resolve social issues. We do this not only within our own company but also throughout the supply chain by calling on our business partners (suppliers), who are important stakeholders in our production, to engage in CSR procurement.

We formulated the Takeuchi CSR Procurement Policy to provide a more specific understanding of our thinking on CSR and the issues that we require our suppliers to be aware of. In addition, suppliers who adopt and accept this policy sign and submit a declaration of consent.

Imagining the future and wishing for the happiness of the children who represent the next generation, we want to contribute to the development of society with passion and responsibility for manufacturing. We will disseminate this desire widely to society and promote CSR procurement through our business partnerships.

Takeuchi CSR Procurement Policy
  1. At home and overseas, we open our doors wide, looking worldwide for partners who have distinctive technical strengths and creativity.
  2. We provide opportunities for free and fair competition so that partners will work together with us to improve the quality, safety, and cost of our products and services.
  3. We procure environmentally friendly materials.
    • In-depth management of hazardous chemical substances
    • Promote green procurement
  4. By obeying all domestic and international laws, social norms, and corporate ethics, we strive to build relationships of trust through fair and honest transactions in harmony with our basic agreement.
    • Full compliance with laws and regulations
    • Respect for human rights, and prohibition of all forms of discrimination, child labor, and forced labor
    • Maintaining an effective working environment with full consideration for health and safety
    • Systematic management and protection of information through effective information system security
    • Complete elimination of unfair conduct, bribery, and other corrupt practices that go against corporate ethics

Agreement collection rate for CSR Procurement Policies (ESG data)

Materials Procurement

We select suppliers from the perspectives of their quality, delivery time, and price to build fair and equitable business relationships.

Technologies we require
Rubber products Casting, forging Surface treatment General commercial products
Metalworking Machining Thin-sheet metalworking Pipe processing
Hydraulic equipment Heat treatment Engines
Transaction procedures
1.Examination of quotations and specifications We will examine your specifications against ours and consider factors such as the purchase amount and target price.
2.Request and evaluation of prototypes We will evaluate prototypes.
3.Negotiation of terms We will negotiate the details of the terms and conditions of a contract.
4.Conclusion of contract We will conclude the contract.
5.Order We will place an order based on the agreed delivery conditions.
6.Transactions We will request goods to be delivered based on an order form.

* We will comply with all laws and regulations, such as the Product Liability (PL) Act and the Subcontract Act.


Please use the Contact Us form. (Send Email To -Takeuchi Japan - Procurement)
Administrative Purchasing Department, Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Contribution to local communities

1. Factory tours for Elementary Schools

Number of tours 5
Number of participants 312

2. Factory tours for High School and University students

Number of tours 2
Number of participants 60
Local Nagano Prefecture elementary school students who participated in a factory tour

We believe that contributing to local communities is an important role that companies should play. We are active in a range of activities that help develop the next generation in our local communities.
Takeuchi has been accepting factory tours for many years in response to requests from local elementary schools in Nagano Prefecture. In 2022, 312 children took five tours. Another 60 people took two factory tours for high school and university students in the same year. Since 2017, we have been sending staff to deliver lessons to after-school programs in junior high schools and providing educational materials to special needs schools for free every year since 2015.

Local Nagano Prefecture elementary school students who participated in a factory tour

Local Nagano Prefecture elementary school students who participated in a factory tour

After-school class at Sakaki Junior High School (located in Sakaki-machi, Hanishina-gun, Nagano Prefecture)

After-school class at Sakaki Junior High School (located in Sakaki-machi, Hanishina-gun, Nagano Prefecture)

Employee Human Rights and Labor Relations

Our basic principles for human rights and labor include respect for people, creating a safe workplace, and harmonious coexistence with the international community. These are stipulated in our Code of Conduct and are reflected in the corporate activities of every employee. Moreover, we recognize the potential impact of all corporate initiatives on human rights, and consider activities that respect the human rights of all people involved in the company as one of our social responsibilities. Accordingly, we have established the following policy.

Human Rights and Labor Policy

  1. Respect for human rights
    • We respect diverse personalities and individuality, and will strive to actively develop and use talent.
    • We respect basic human rights and do not allow forced or child labor.
  2. Eliminating discrimination
    • We will not discriminate in any way based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, age, etc.
    • We will not tolerate any type of harassment in the workplace.
  3. Compliance
    • We comply with the letter and spirit of the law, and conduct corporate operations mindful of social ethics and good conscience.
  4. Maintaining an environment where employees can work with peace of mind
    • Based on the principle that "safety takes precedence over everything," we will strive to maintain and improve a safe and healthy work environment.
  5. Harmonious coexistence with the international community
    • In addition to complying with international rules and local laws, we will respect local cultures and customs, not engage in forced labor or discrimination, and strive to promote safe and healthy work environments.

Promoting greater participation of women

The "respect for people" section in our Code of Conduct states, "Recognizing human resources as our greatest management resource, we will respect diverse individuality and personalities, actively develop and use talent, and strive to create vibrant and enjoyable workplaces filled with the willingness to take on new challenges."

To create an environment where diverse human resources can work easily and comfortably, we will consider a range of measures as well as improve the work environment with a view to promoting greater participation of women in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. At the 2022 AGM on May 25, 2023, a female Director was elected.

Appointment to positions (Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd., consolidated) (ESG data)

Promotion of local recruitment

In line with the basic concept of respecting the ideas and perspectives of diverse employees, we actively recruit employees in the countries where our subsidiaries are located and promote local employees to management positions according to their abilities and performance.

Ratio of local staff in management positions in subsidiaries (ESG data)

Internal and external whistleblower systems

To detect and deal with compliance violations at an early stage, we have established internal and external whistleblower systems (hotlines). The internal hotline is managed by the General Affairs Department, and the external hotline is established at a lawyer's office. The hotlines are available to our officers and all employees, and reports are accepted by phone, letter, email, etc. We investigate all reports and check all the facts. If compliance violations are found, we correct the violations to prevent a reoccurrence. In addition, violators may be subject to penalty based on our employment regulations and rules for rewards and punishments.

We make the hotlines known to all employees by setting up internal whistleblowing regulations, issuing an employee handbook, a compliance manual and internal notices, and in other ways. At subsidiaries, we have set up internal whistleblower systems and put in place a system where directors report to the Board of Directors and the Audit and Supervisory Committee (or its members) through the compliance officer in the event of a serious compliance problem.

To encourage people to seek consultations and make reports, we clearly state in our internal whistleblowing regulations and compliance manual that employees who make legitimate whistleblowing reports under this system will not suffer any consequences.

Employee interviews

During internal audits by the Audit Office, in addition to ordinary business audits, employees at every workplace are interviewed about the workplace, including whether there is any misconduct or harassment, and about the employees themselves, such as overwork and overtime. This is done for the company to obtain information rather than simply waiting for employees to make whistleblower reports. The interviews take place at Takeuchi Mfg. (nonconsolidated) and subsidiaries, and the audit reports that include the results of the interviews are sent to the Board of Directors by the manager of the Audit Office.

Work-life balance

We hold annual dialogues with employee representatives regarding labor practices, including reaching agreements on overtime and work on holidays. We also strive to understand and manage the working hours of all employees, including by managing timecards and PC logs to check whether there is a discrepancy between time records and actual attendance. We also encourage people to take planned paid leave.

In addition, to balance work with life events, such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care, employees are able to choose from a variety of workstyles, including childcare and nursing care leave and planned annual leave. At Takeuchi Mfg. (nonconsolidated), the return rate of employees who take childcare leave is 100%.

Prevention of harassment

We do not tolerate harassment in any form, including sexual or psychological harassment and abuse of authority. We do not tolerate any harassment or any acts that harm the dignity of individuals, and we strive to create a vibrant and enjoyable workplace.

Employee Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

TAKEUCHI aims to be an accident-free workplace by encouraging all employees to concentrate on Health & Safety, striving to create a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment and promoting employee health through mutual communication.

Principles of Conduct

  1. We will always think and act "Safety First".
  2. We will always comply with relevant laws, regulations and internal rules.
  3. In addition to routine health and safety activities we will look out for potential harms and hazards, and constantly improve health and safety in the workplace through risk assessments.
  4. As individuals, we will maintain our own mental and physical health and help each other to create a lively working environment.
  5. All of our employees will have opportunities to study and learn so they can work with the same awareness and knowledge.

Health and safety system

Our health and safety management system includes a general safety and health manager, safety officers, health officers, health and safety committee members, health and safety promoters, and an industrial physician. As well, we regularly conduct random safety audits and hold health and safety committee meetings at least once a month.

Organization chart of Health and Safety Committee
Home Office Factories Togura Factory Bingushi Test Site Aoki Factory

Risk assessment

We conduct risk assessments of chemical substances and work practices in accordance with our health and safety policy. We strive to reduce risk by identifying dangerous or hazardous work based on the degree of the risk (priority), as well as everyday potentially dangerous minor incidents and the results of risk estimates, and we then take appropriate corrective or preventative action.

Takeuchi Health and Productivity Management Declaration

We recognize "respect for people" and "creating a safe workplace," specified in our Code of Conduct, as the basic principles of health and productivity management. This recognition is in keeping with our goal of establishing a workplace environment where every employee can enthusiastically play an active role. To carry out initiatives to achieve this goal, we have formulated the Takeuchi Health and Productivity Management Declaration.

  1. We will work to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families, believing that the physical and mental health of our employees comes first in order to succeed as a company, and in recognition that human resources are our greatest management resource.
  2. We will achieve a better work-life balance by raising health awareness and improving labor productivity through cooperation inside the company, and with industrial physicians, the health insurance association, employees, and their families.
  3. Aiming to eliminate occupational accidents, we will create a safe and comfortable workplace through safety and health initiatives based on effective environmental, work, and health management.
  • Toshiya Takeuchi
  • President and Representative Director
Organization chart for Management of promotion of health and productivity
Organization chart for Management of promotion of health and productivity
President and Representative Director Responsible person
Director of General Affairs Person responsible for implementation
General Affairs Dept. (Health counseling room) Planning and development of health and productivity management, and dissemination of information to employees
General Manager of each dept. Development of health and productivity management measures, encouragement of medical checkups, etc., and consideration for medical checkups
Health and Safety Committee Receiving opinions and suggestions from employees and exchange of ideas
Industrial Physician Advice on general health and productivity management
Health Insurance Association Provide data, exchange information, discuss and advise on issues
Employee Association Receiving opinions from employees and make suggestions and requests to the company

Human resource development and education

Our Code of Conduct states, "Recognizing human resources as our greatest management resource, we will respect diverse individuality and personalities, actively develop and use talent, and strive to create vibrant and enjoyable workplaces filled with the willingness to take on new challenges." In line with this code, we conduct training based on employee level, as well as specialized training and departmental training for all employees, from young workers to executives. We believe that when people acquire the knowledge and skills needed for their roles, and when every employee makes the most of their abilities and continues to grow, this leads directly to the sustainable growth of the company.

In addition, as part of creating a bright workplace that respects human rights and is free from discrimination, we have joined the Sakaki-machi Council for the Promotion of Human Rights and Antidiscrimination, and employees are invited to the in-house human rights education promotion training course hosted by the council.

System chart of training by class
System chart of training by class
Specialist and departmental training
Specialist and departmental training

Training hours per person (full-time employees) (ESG data)

Employee data

Employee data (ESG data)